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Inside the Classroom


Upon entering Soaring Heights Charter School, you will encounter a calm, peaceful and nurturing learning environment where each child’s well-being is the primary concern of every staff member.  Through communication and calm conversations, children are encouraged to work hard, take pride in their accomplishments, develop solid study habits and acquire an appreciation for the rights and welfare of others.

Teachers at Soaring Heights determine each child’s level of academic engagement, but of equal importance is that teachers help students to participate in constructive social interactions, manage their behaviors, and build impulse control. These qualities foster respect for everyone in the school, and over time, relationships between teachers and students evolve which are built on mutual trust. Such relationships lay foundation for both academic achievement and personal growth, and children’s internalized experiences result in a joy of learning and an interest in becoming a productive member of the school community. When this occurs, children gain the confidence they need to succeed in life.

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