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Jaswinder Dhah


I have 3 kids that go here. I really like the staff of the school. They have helped my children and my oldest son now goes to McNair. Soaring heights is the perfect school for a good education.

Erik Battes


My son has attended Soaring Heights Charter School since 2015, and I could not be happier with his education. He is challenged on a daily basis with an all-encompassing curriculum. He learns reading, writing, phonics, spelling, math, problem solving, science, social studies, music, art, Spanish, computers, health, and gym.

The small setting of the school, and the compassion of the staff creates a warm and welcoming environment. The school provides many community events to help to bring the families together and allow the students to socialize outside of school.

I am so please with how the past three years have gone and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for my son at Soaring Heights.

Anne Bacay


My daughter graduated from Soaring Height and my son is currently on 3rd grade.
I could say that Soaring Heights has really prepared my daughter for high school. The environment they have made it easier for my daughter to conquer first year of high school. She is now a sophomore this year at McNair Academic High School. Soaring Heights and its teachers are doing a wonderful job preparing our kids for the future.
The teachers at Soaring Heights were caring and concerned both academically and personally with their students. My daughter struggled when she first transferred at Soaring Heights but the teachers and the entire staff helped us make sure she overcome those struggles.

Mariana Diaz


This school gave my daughter a excellent education that help her get to a great high school; High Tech and also an excellent University TCNJ. Without the education she receives in Soaring Heights, all these wouldn't be possible. The teacher at SHCS are dedicate to provide the best to their students and for that I'm forever great full. If the teacher are strict is because they want to teach our kids the discipline they need for what comes next in the real world.

Yasmine Shehata


As a former student of Soaring Heights Charter School who is currently attending McNair Academic High School as a senior, I feel that the environment that was presented to me in this school helped to prepare me for high school. McNair presents a rigorous curriculum to all of it's students, but attending this made the course load that I have right now seem much lighter and easier. SHCS also presents to its students an open environment, due to the low teacher to student ratio. A smaller environment provides more opportunities for the students to feel closer to the teachers and build stronger ties. Even after three years, I am able to go back to this school and talk to my former teachers with ease.

Jewel Gregory


My children attended Soaring Heights Charter School from K-8th grade. It's a school that educates approximately 200 children. Having been raised in a small city in Upstate, NY, I was looking for a school where my children could feel safe and where my children would be known. It gave me comfort that the staff (Head of School, teachers, the nurse, support staff, and crossing guard) were as dedicated as they are and that they knew my children. One of my two children has a serious food allergy and asthma, and when kindergarten started, signs were posted in school about allergies and anaphylaxis., That doesn't happen everywhere. Handing your children with serious allergies over to a school system can be terrifying. I also appreciated the fact that security guards and metal detectors were not needed in this environment. In my search for a school, I interviewed several Jersey City public school teachers. The educators appreciated that Soaring Heights had been around since charter schools first opened in Jersey City. Additionally, they noted the fact that the school's founders were teachers that had previously taught in public schools. That classroom experience could not be overlooked. My husband and I took all of this into consideration when making the final decision about which school our children would attend and when weighing the public vs. charter school option. I felt, wow, how can we pass on this opportunity.

Soaring Heights is a hidden jewel that people need to discover. All of the teachers and staff are hard-working individuals who collectively work as a team to provide the best eduction to our children. I highly recommend Soaring Heights Charter School to those parents who want opportunities for their children.

Don't throw away your children's SHOT for a GREAT EDUCATION!!!
And by the way,........ did I mention that it's free.

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